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Face Masks

What is a KN95 mask? The KN95 face mask is a light weight and comfortable respirator mask with ear loops and an adjustable nosepiece for secure fit and seal. KN95 masks are used in a variety of industries such as food processing, medical, hospitals, general manufacturing, heavy infrastructure, mining, oil & gas, and transportation. Our premium-quality disposable 3-ply surgical face masks are FDA registered and CE certified. Our 3-ply face masks filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

3-Ply Black Civil Masks (Level 1)
3-Ply Civil Masks (Level 1)
3-Ply Kids Civil Masks (Level 1)
3-Ply Medical Masks (Level 2)
3-Ply Surgical Masks (Level 3)
Black KN95 Face Masks CE
KN95 Facemasks CE
KN95 POWECOM Facemasks FDA
N95 Facemasks FDA
N95 Facemasks NIOSH